Free 80 GB Playstation 3 (PS3)

Free 80 GB PS3

Free PS3 80GB or 40GB

There are thousands of Free 80 GB PS3 products being offered by Transcendent Innovations.

How Do I Get a Free 80 GB PS3?

It is really easy I'm getting a Free 80 GB PS3 from Transcendent Innovations and you can too. Hundreds of people have gotten their Free 80 GB PS3. Just do one simple offer and refer a few friends to do the same. Keep scrolling to learn more.

How is this Possible? Is This Legit?

It is all possible through Internet marketing. Companies put alot of money into marketing and advertising and one avenue is lead-based marketing. Companies pay sites like Transcendent Innovations to bring them new customers. For example you sign up for a Free 80 GB PS3 at Transcendent Innovations and all you have to do is do one offer and refer 10 friends to do the same to get your Free 80 GB PS3. Lets say the offer you complete is Netflix, well Netflix pays Transcendent Innovations for every new customer they send them and in return Transcendent Innovations kicks some of that money back to you in the form of a Free 80 GB PS3. It is as simple as that. Check Out the Proof section to see real proof.

Guide to Getting A Free 80 GB PS3.

Chapter 1: Sign-up

The first step to getting a Free 80 GB PS3 is to sign up at the Transcendent Innovations site Yourps34free. Just click on the link in the last sentence and it will take you to the sign-up page. You have to use valid information when signing up to the site so they know where to send your gift. If you do use invalid info you will forfeit your prize at the end for using fraudulent information.

All of your information is secure and they will not sell your email or any other information and they will not spam you. However it is recommended to get a new email address for this site because it is possible that one of the offers that you do will send emails.


1. Never sign-up from a public computer there is a high chance that someone else has signed up from it already this will forfeit your Free 80 GB PS3.
2 You cannot refer someone who stays with you i.e. dorm mate or room mate this will also forfeit your Free 80 GB PS3.
3 Do not sign-up for the same site twice or have someone sign-up from your computer this will cause you to forfeit your Free 80 GB PS3. (Note to AOL Users) AOL is a proxy so everyone has the same ip so refrain from using AOL.
4 Never do the same offer twice under any circumstances.
5 Never check your status from your
refs computer or vice-versa.
6 Telling or showing your referrals how to cancel an offer publicly this will cause you to forfeit your Free 80 GB PS3.
7 Telling some one to do the same offer as you publicly

If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Chapter 2: Completing an offer

Once you login there will be a tab at the top that says offers. You can look through the pages of offers to find something that you like. I have made a list of the top 10 offers you can find them below

Most of these offers are under 10 dollars

1 4 week free trial five dollars in free postage Credits Instantly
2 Zooba Book club one book a month for 9.95 Credits Instantly
3 Rising Star Learning cds Free trial Credits Same Day
4 Advantage Language Cds 6.95 Credits Same Day
5 Blockbuster online 9.99 Credits in 2 business days
6 Dermacia Free Trial Credits Same Day
7 Gamefly Credits Same Day
8 Google Seo Supervisor Credits instantly
9 Photostamps Create custom Stamps Credits Instantly
10 Credits Instantly

Tips before completing an offer
1 Use either Mozilla firefox or Internet Explorer other browsers seem to have issues with crediting and make sure your browser is set to accept all cookies. Cookies are used to track offers that you have signed up for. To learn how to turn on cookies click here
2 Temporarily turn off any pop up blocking software while completing an offer.
3 Read through the terms and conditions of every offer and keep all confirmation emails in the event that you do not get credit.

Chapter 3 Get Referrals

You have signed up and completed an offer now what? The answer is get referrals. Your referral link will be on the status page.

There is a unlimited amount of possibilities for you to get referrals but you should never spam your link this will cause you to forfeit your Free 80 GB PS3.

Here are some recommendations:

1 The best way to get referrals is to get them from friends,family, and relatives. This is okay as long as they don't live with you
2 Post your link in forums as long as it is allowed.
3 Use traffic exchanges to get traffic to your link.
4 Offer incentives for signing up under you like 5 dollars

It is best to explain to your friends how this works so you can win them over with out them being skeptical. Follow this guide and you will be on your way to a Free 80 GB PS3

Chapter 4 Approval and Ordering

Once you have met all the requirements to get your Free 80 GB PS3 you must submit your account for approval which takes about 2-4 days. It is just standard procedure they check your account to see if any of the ip addresses are the same and to see if any offers are frauded. Once approved you can order your gift and you will be well on the way to getting your Free 80 GB PS3.

P.S. feel free to sign-up at any of the sites at the top they work in the exact same manner as the Free 80 GB PS3 site.